zAGM and Awards 2020

AGM/Awards Ceremony

The AGM and Awards ceremony will now be held online on 7 Nov 2020 by Zoom. More information is in the AGM Info page (a members-only area – you will need to login to access this) and a link to the meeting will be sent out in the week before the meeting.

Connecting by Zoom:

Zoom is normally very intuitive and trouble free to connect into a meeting with.

However, for those of you new to Zoom or if you should experience issues with connection, I have hastily compiled a Zoom Troubleshooting Guide which would be worth looking at in advance.

It would also be very helpful to keep the meeting running smoothly if participants could find as quiet and interruption free space (of pets as well as humans!) to use while particpating in the AGM/Awards.

OWPG Awards

A link to the 2020 award winners will appear here after the online presentation.