OWPG Awards for Excellence

Each year the guild makes literary and photographic awards to its members in recognition of their work during the previous twelve months

  • Awards 2019

    OWPG Award Entries:

    The award rules and entry form can be found here from early springtime each year.
    The last date your entry form must be received by the Awards Administrator is 31 May 2019. (It is not expected the date for 2020 will change the pattern.)
    Rules: Download Awards Rules 2019 (PDF)
    Entry Form: Awards Entry Form 2019 (Word 97-03 Doc)
    Entries may be submitted by Publishers or Editors of books, features, and digital media: however this must be with the consent of the author in every case.
  • Previous Award Winners

    The full list of previous winners of the Golden Eagle, Lifetime Achievement and Derryck Draper Awards is here.
    The full list of past winners of the six Awards for Excellence to Members can be found here.
    Winners in various categories no longer awarded are listed here.
    All images which were taken at the 2018 Awards Ceremony and used on this page are Credit: Chris Howes.
  • OWPG Golden Eagle Award

    OWPG Golden Eagle Award:

    Not awarded in 2019

    This award is given for "Outstanding Services to the Outdoors". 

    Nominated by: OWPG Committee.

    Awarded by:
    a vote of the OWPG membership. 

    The physical award is a David Bellamy painting.
  • Not awarded in 2019

  • Derryck Draper Award

    Derryck Draper Award: Not awarded in 2019

    This award is given to a member of the outdoor gear trade in memory of Derryck Draper, for outstanding innovation in outdoor equipment design.
  • Not awarded in 2019

  • Outdoor Book

    Outdoor Book: Chris Townsend for Along the Divide
    Published by Sandstone Press
    The judges commented: “Chris Townsend's relatively slim volume on walking the Watershed of Scotland edged ahead by combining some beautifully crafted prose with personal insights and amusing detail. In the end his dogged pursuit of a seemingly arbitrary line revealed some very well-explained concepts of what wildness means in a modern Scottish concept. A wonderful book from an author who immerses himself in the landscape without feeling the need to 'list tick' or 'beat any personal or other record'.”
    Highly Commended - Tony Howard for Quest Into the Unknown
    Award currently sponsored by: OWPG.
    Judges: Sue Viccars, commissioning editor of Dartmoor Magazine and Chris Bagshaw, editor, writer and former OWPG member.
  • Chris Townsend won the OWPG Outdoor Book Award 2019 for Along the Divide

  • Guidebook

    Guidebook: Jan Bakker (and Christine Oriol) for Trekking in Tajikistan

    Published by Cicerone 

    The judges commented: “Dushanbe is now on my bucket list. This is really what the guidebook category is all about: the first published guide to a remote and relatively unexplored part of the world that may not be on many people's list on account of a trip being too complicated to organise. Not any more! Inspirational text and photographs that really fire the imagination.” 

    Highly commended: Lily Dyu for Fastpacking

    Award sponsored by: Aquapac International 

    Judges: Sue Viccars, commissioning editor of Dartmoor Magazine and Chris Bagshaw, editor, writer and former OWPG member.
  • Jan Bakker won the OWPG Guidebook Book Award 2019 with Trekking in Tajikistan

  • Photography

    Photography:Chris Howes for his portfolio of Guads, New Mexico
    The judges said: “The images follow a consistent theme, are very powerful in terms of framing and lighting and overall are of a very high professional standard. The use of models is very good and I like the addition of a stunning close up detail shot. In my opinion they stand head and shoulders above anything else entered."
    Highly Commended: Mark Gilligan for his portfolio "In his Element".
    Award Sponsored by: Conway (Bloomsbury Publishing)
    Judges: Ashley Cooper (GlobalWarmingImages) and Dave Willis (Mountain SportPhotography)
  • Chris Howes won the OWPG Photography Award 2019 with images from Guads, New Mexico.

  • Digital Production

    Digital Production: David Lintern (and Tim Parkin) for the Save Glen Etive website.
    The judges commented: "Save Glen Etive is an excellent campaigning website that makes good use of its medium. Its all-important home page sends a clear message with well-organised categories, concise summaries, intuitive navigation and clear calls to action including newsletter signup. Its use of blue-text links is effectively integrated into text."
    Award sponsored by: Cordee
    Judges: Craig Wareham (founder of Viewranger), Lois Sparling (formerly of Cicerone Press) and Jacquetta Megarry (OWPG member and last years winner)
  • David Lintern won the OWPG Digital Production Award 2019 with the Save Glen Etive website

  • Outdoor/Travel Feature

    Outdoor/Travel Feature: Alex Roddie for Summits and Skylarks
    The judges said:Moving, and engaging from the outset. Beautiful description of the mountain, and a keen appreciation of his own psychology and his grief, and this gives the feature much more depth and interest. They liked the opener and the conclusion, acknowledging the metaphors you can draw between your inner life and the mountain but in the end coming back to the simple appreciation of being alive and in the open air. A lovely piece. It was way out in front in the travel category."
    Award sponsored by: Crimson/OS Pathfinder
    Judges: Carlton Reid (founder of On Your Bike magazine/former OWPG member) and Elizabeth Multon (Commissioning Editor of Adlard Coles Nautical, Bloomsbury Publishing)
  • Alex Roddie won the OWPG Outdoor/Travel Feature Award 2019 with Summits and Skylarks

  • Technical Feature

    Technical Feature: Jen Benson for Green Light
    Published in Runners World magazine 

    The judges said: "Readable, thorough - highlights importance of the subject, gives political economic background, and loads of practical advice. Loads of useful boxes highlighting stuff you want to know. The article was illustrated with great useful images."
    Highly Commended: David Lintern for "One Wild Night" - a very close runner-up to the winner.
    Award sponsored by: Cicerone
    Judges: Carlton Reid (founder of On Your Bike magazine/former OWPG member) and Elizabeth Multon (Commissioning Editor of Adlard Coles Nautical, Bloomsbury Publishing)
  • Jen Benson won the OWPG Technical Feature Award 2019 with Green Light

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