OWPG Awards for Excellence

Each year the guild makes literary and photographic awards to its members in recognition of their work during the previous twelve months

  • Awards 2019

    The award rules and entry form can be found here from early springtime each year.

    The last date your entry form must be received by the Awards Administrator is 31 May 2019. (It is not expected the date for 2020 will change the pattern.)
    Rules: Download Awards Rules 2019 (PDF)
    Entry Form: Awards Entry Form 2019 (Word 97-03 Doc)
    Entries may be submitted by Publishers or Editors of books, features, and digital media: however this must be with the consent of the author in every case.
  • Previous Award Winners

    The full list of previous winners of the Golden Eagle, Lifetime Achievement and Derryck Draper Awards is here.
    The full list of past winners of the six Awards for Excellence to Members can be found here.
    Winners in various categories no longer awarded are listed here.
    All images which were taken at the 2018 Awards Ceremony and used on this page are Credit: Chris Howes.
  • OWPG Golden Eagle Award

    Chris Packham, Wildlife TV Presenter

    Nominated by: OWPG Committee.
    Awarded by: a vote of the OWPG membership.
    This award is given for "Outstanding Services to the Outdoors".
    Although announced at the AGM, the award (which takes the form of a David Bellamy painting) is due to be presented to Chris Packham later in 2018 at a seperate event.
  • Awaiting image: Chris Packham receives the 2018 Golden Eagle Award and painting from Peter Gillman (OWPG Chairman)

  • Derryck Draper Award

    Garmin for their inReach Mini Satellite Phone/GPS.

    This award is given to a member of the outdoor gear trade in memory of Derryck Draper, for outstanding innovation in outdoor equipment design.
    Award judge Chris Townsend comments: “The InReach Mini is a very small ultralight satellite communicator with two-way messaging and an SOS function. It measures 10cm by 5cm and weighs 120 grams. This is much smaller and lighter than alternatives. The small size is good, particularly as these days all mobile phones are huge!”
    Judges: Chris Townsend, Graham Thomson, Judy Armstrong
    Andi Hayman, Outdoor Sales Manager at Garmin, accepted the award.
  • Andi Hayman (Outdoor Sales Manager, Garmin) receives the 2018 OWPG Derryck Draper Award from acting Secretary (/Membership secretary) of the OWPG, Ronald Turnbull

  • Outdoor Book

    Andrew Bibby for Back Roads Through Middle England

    published by Gritstone Coop
    The judges commented: “An interesting an original concept, well executed. An appealing mix of travel writing and journalistic reportage.”
    Highly Commended - Kev Reynolds for The Mountain Hut Book
    Category currently sponsored by the OWPG.
    Judges: Mark Whitley, editor at The Countryman Magazine and Chris Bagshaw, editor, writer and former OWPG member
  • Andrew Bibby won the OWPG Outdoor Book Award 2018 with Back Roads through Middle England

  • Guidebook

    Viv Crow for Walking in Northumberland

    Published by Cicerone Press
    The judges commented: “An eminently competent and trustworthy companion, a good introduction to walking in Northumberland and a welcome new addition to a competitive field.”
    Highly commended:
    Rudolf Abraham for Trekking the Peaks of the Balkans Trail
    Adrian Hendroff for The Mourne and Cooley Mountains
    Jacquetta Megarry for Arran Coastal Way
    Category sponsored by Aquapac International
    Judges: Mark Whitley, editor at The Countryman Magazine and Chris Bagshaw, editor, writer and former OWPG member
  • Viv Crow won the OWPG Guidebook Book Award 2018 with Walking in Northumberland

  • Photography

    Chris Howes for his portfolio of The River Cave of Xe Bang Fai, Laos

    The judges said: “Once again a clear outright winner. Even if you saw millions of caving images, which you don't, these would be very powerful images. Technically very demanding to set up, with a clear mastery of technique, equipment and vision. His use of models is spot on. I can imagine some of those images would have taken a long time to set up, but boy is the end result worth it".
    Highly Commended: David Forster for his portfolio "Heather burning".
    This category is sponsored by Conway (Bloomsbury Publishing)
    Judges: Ashley Cooper (GlobalWarmingImages) and Dave Willis (Mountain SportPhotography)
  • Chris Howes won the OWPG Photography Award 2018 with images from The River Cave of Xe Bang Fai, Laos.

  • Digital Production

    Jacquetta Megarry for Scotland's Great Trails

    The judges commented: “As well as having all the key digital attributes of being easy to find, quick to load and instinctive to navigate, even on a mobile, this attractive if unpretentious website is a comprehensive resource for anyone considering tackling one of Scotland's official long-distance paths. The information on the 29 trails is concise, clear and consistently presented, making it a doddle to find the stats to compare trails with. There are also links to all the guides, maps and websites you might need for planning, as well as over 40 companies offering support services."
    This category is sponsored by Cordee
    Judges: Craig Wareham (founder of Viewranger) and Lois Sparling (formerly of Cicerone Press)
  • Jacquetta Megarry won the OWPG Digital Production Award 2018 with the Scotland's Great Trails website

  • Outdoor/Travel Feature

    Vivienne Crow for Autumn in the Valleys

    Published in The Great Outdoors
    The judges commented “This article sums up how hard it is to be original when writing about the Lake District. But this honesty gives the article an original angle, and allows the author to weave in a history of writers and artists who've attempted to capture the essence of the Lakes, alongside other observations on the changing seasons, the impact of human activity on the landscape. Fascinating examples and contemporary quotes add colour and back up points. And all this intervoven with a walk.”
    Highly Commended Judy Armstrong for Riding Lines in the Mountains of the Gods
    This category is sponsored by Crimson Publishing
    Judges: Carlton Reid (founder of On Your Bike magazine/former OWPG member) and Elizabeth Multon (Commissioning Editor of Adlard Coles Nautical, Bloomsbury Publishing)
  • Viv Crow won the OWPG Outdoor/Travel Feature Award 2018 with Autumn in the Valleys

  • Technical Feature

    Kingsley Jones for Climb the Eiger

    Published in Trek and Mountain magazine
    The judges commented "We almost feel this should have been in the features category. Indeed it's the magazine's 'cover feature', and it's debateable as to whether this is more of a 'how-to' than most of the feature category submissions are.
    Having said this, it's a great feature and he is giving information on how to tackle the Eiger. He knows what he's doing, and the history and legends add colour and gravitas. We really like the philosophical musings.
    This category is sponsored by Cicerone Press
    Judges: Carlton Reid (founder of On Your Bike magazine/former OWPG member) and Elizabeth Multon (Commissioning Editor of Adlard Coles Nautical, Bloomsbury Publishing)
  • Kingsley Jones won the OWPG Technical Feature Award 2018 with Climb the Eiger

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