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Outdoor Focus Summer 2016

Posted on: August 19th, 2016 by OWPGWordsmith

OF2016-08The Summer issue of Outdoor Focus (ably edited and put together by Stephen Neale) is now available to view online at

50 years on the Pennine Way with Andrew McCloy

Our first-ever Golden Eagle winner, Ken Wilson (1941-2016): Roly Smith remembers

A new trail in the Middle East (Tony Howard) you just have to ssee his inviting imagae on pages 8–9

Ebook in a day – a preview for the workshop at Isle of Wight

Book reviews, movie making, the mystic world of Mr Main and Kev sounds off again…

The paper issue (for those who haven’t requested digital-only OF) will be arriving in the next few days. PDF download for tablets and other smaller devices.

Outdoor Focus May issue is now online

Posted on: May 23rd, 2016 by OWPGWordsmith

OF2016-05The May issue of Outdoor Focus is now available to view online. Should we become the Outdoor Publishers Guild – a platform for self-publishing by our members? A detailed discussion between Stephen Neale and Tony Bowerman (Northern Eye Press). Chris Townsend on rewilding, Roly Smith on remembering Kinder Scout. Plus film studies, talking in public, footsteps of the dragon, book reviews and a fair bit of this ‘n that.

If you’re on a flash-free device such as a tablet, download pdf here

Full-flavour Yudu link below


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Outdoor Focus Winter 2015-16

Posted on: February 18th, 2016 by OWPGWordsmith

OF0216-02The Winter edition of Outdoor Focus is on line here . It features Andrew McCloy on National Parks without perks, Terry Marsh in Shetland, Chris Howes and an underground spider.
Devices that can’t read the Yudu upload can receive the pdf version here.

The bumper Autumn Outdoor Focus is now online

Posted on: November 10th, 2015 by OWPGWordsmith

OF2105-11 coverThe Kielder AGM weekend celebrated and remembered, with a showcase of the OWPG Award winners that includes Chris Howes’ photos ‘Caves of Borneo’, Peter and Leni Gillman on the Eiger in 1966, Ronald Turnbull along the Jurassic Coast. Tributes to Hamish Brown, winner of the OWPG Lifetime Achievement Award, and to Bill Mitchell, former winner of our Golden Eagle.
On top of all this, Terry Marsh on threats to the rights-of-way network, and Gary Richardson in the Abisco National Park (where that??)


The extra-big 30-page Outdoor Focus is available in Yudu format with this link. Download pdf file here .

Outdoor Focus Summer 2015 is now on line

Posted on: July 31st, 2015 by OWPGWordsmith

OF coverThe Summer issue of Outdoor Focus is now on line. Chris Howes on image theft, how to prevent it and how to get some of your own back in hard cash – with a detailed advice note in our members’ area here; pictures in the dark and a Zodiac spread over all England; an account of the seminar ‘The Future of Outdoor Publishing’; continuing series on film and video from Andrew White and on public speaking by Kev Reynolds; Terry Marsh goes geocaching, while he and Roly write the book reviews.
For those on non-Flash-y devices, there’s a pdf download (2.4MB) here .

Outdoor Focus Spring 2015 is now on line

Posted on: June 9th, 2015 by OWPGWordsmith

OF Spring 15In the Spring issue of our quarterly Outdoor Focus: In the Movies – Andrew White starts off a series of 8 instructional articles; Kev Reynolds speaks his mind on public speaking; OWPG Kielder weekend, and Manchester training day, previewed. Visit the Yudu display Outdoor Focus Spring 2015 . This is not legible on tablets and smartphones; download a pdf file here.

Outdoor Focus Winter edition is online

Posted on: February 22nd, 2015 by OWPGWordsmith

OF2015-02The Winter edition of Outdoor Focus is now available to read online, with the paper edition arriving around the end of the month. At a super-size 24 pages, it includes Tracy Burton and Harri Roberts’ adventures in ebook publishing; how to kickstart your project with the aid of crowdfunding – and a donkey; Andrew Jenkinson’s urgings to put guidebooks on a rock-solid foundation of geology; Laurence Main’s leys-y days; and two members achieving much with movie cameras. Plus Paddy Dillon in the Canaries and Roly Smith on the Kinder Trespassers. Click into it here.

Outdoor Focus Autumn 2014 is now on line

Posted on: November 25th, 2014 by OWPGWordsmith

OF2014-10coverThe Autumn Outdoor Focus is now available to browse through Yudu. Activities indoors and outdoors at Plas y Brenin’s AGM weekend, plus full details of all the OWPG awards; tribute to our new Hon Life Member Kev Reynolds; another look at David Taylor’s award-winning photo portfolio; Jon Sparks cycles some tough hills in the Brecon Beacons; and a sample from our new Fiction Forum.

To read more click here .

Outdoor Focus Summer 2014

Posted on: August 25th, 2014 by OWPGWordsmith
Outdoor focus cover

Outdoor Focus August 2014

Outdoor Focus for Summer 2014 is now available on line.

Marion Shoard on the countryside threat that’s worse than fracking; David Stewart explores the far Faroes; members’ photo gallery as commissioned by Viewranger; Roly Smith goes Google in the Peak; self-assessment and tax. Read more here .

Outdoor Focus Spring 2014 is now on line

Posted on: May 21st, 2014 by OWPGWordsmith

OF2014-05Outdoor Focus for Spring is now up on the Yudu platform for online browsing. Roly Smith incites to trespass; Max Landsberg tickles his tiger; Alan Mattingly celebrates the ‘Trip that changed me’, and Andrew White celebrates his self-devised South Yorkshire Way.

Outdoor fiction features over three pages, and Terry Marsh hides tupperware beneath a handy boulder (it’s known as Geochaching). Four photographers discuss how they make money, or sometimes don’t, from their images. And there’s a rundown on the development day at Cambridge.

To enjoy all this onscreen click this link.

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