aquapacThe world’s best-selling range of waterproof cases! Protective cases designed to house all manner of portable electronics. Plus our ever-expanding range of multi-purpose waterproof bags and pouches too.

With our waterproof phone cases you can take or make a call any time, anywhere. If you go boating or hiking they may even prove to be a lifesaver.

  • Our waterproof camera cases let you take photos in places you wouldn’t otherwise take your camera – even underwater!
  • Our waterproof eReader and tablet cases allow you to check your mails, surf the net or read books when you’re hanging out at the beach or relaxing in the pool.
  • Our waterproof case for iPods and other MP3 players allow you to listen to your tunes anytime, anywhere. Especially combined with our 100%-waterproof headphones.
  • 100%-waterproof protective bags and cases including our famous Wet & Dry Backpack and the Noatak range of 100%-waterproof drybag.

Aquapac contacts and discounts for owpg members are in our Members’ Area here .

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