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Looking to join the OWPG

Are you an outdoor organisation or business, sharing the aims of OWPG and interested in becoming an associate member? This leaflet describes our associate membership scheme. Our current associates are listed here .


Publishers use our website when seeking writers and photographers to hire. Each Guild member has their own page on the site, with samples of written or photographic work that can be updated at any time.


Regular bulletins are sent by the Guild to 580 media and PR contacts in the UK and worldwide. These are the people who hire writers and photographers. See the sidebar on the right, or else our News section, for our latest Media News Bulletin. This is your chance to tell them what you have to offer.


We publish Outdoor Focus, a full-colour quarterly members’ journal, full of news, advice and tips: writing and photography in the outdoors, helping you improve your skills or understand the market, and more. See the sidebar on the right, or else our News section, for the current issue; or browse back issues.

Expert advice

The Guild is a pool of knowledge. The Advice Notes section in the website’s members’ area covers professional topics from contracts to photography, from practising professionals in the outdoors. See a preview of the Advice Notes page here. Many members offer advice on their specialist subjects (eg, tax, copyright, rights of way, national parks) to other members free of charge.


The Guild operates an on-line discussion forum so members can seek advice, provide answers, share knowledge, gripes and grumbles or simply chat in real time (and virtual space).


The Guild provides contact with other writers, photographers and outdoor professionals informally, through local gatherings, and through our annual AGM weekend and awards dinner – a great source of information and inspiration, the chance to build collaborations, or just an opportunity to ‘talk shop’ .

Professional opportunities

Our membership also includes many editors and publishers – a great opportunity to learn about up-coming projects or discuss work possibilities.

Mutual Support

The opportunity to share views and experiences with fellow professionals, in an occupation that can sometimes be isolating.


Market events, trade shows, press trips and other useful leads are regularly notified to members.


Guild members qualify for substantial discounts on a range of outdoor gear, books and maps. Travel and accommodation are often available free or at reduced rates, especially when working on relevant assignments.

Membership card

The OWPG press card opens many doors, both in UK and overseas.

Press passes

Dedicated press passes for particular UK organisations are available to Guild members.

Professional services

Guild members are eligible for free accountancy advice. Also available is legal advice both informal and – if necessary – from official sources.


The Guild presents annual Awards for Excellence to members, covering both writing and photography, as well as the Derryck Draper Award for technical innovation in outdoor equipment, and the Golden Eagle Award for services to the outdoors generally.

Annual Dinner & Gatherings

Members meet annually for the Guild’s annual dinner, AGM and prize presentation. In addition, smaller informal gatherings are organised in various parts of the UK.

how to join the guild

A colourful pdf leaflet containing most of the information on this page is here. If would like to apply for membership of OWPG, please send a CV and samples of your published work (or links to your online publications) to:

Membership Secretary Ronald Turnbull (memsec AT owpg.org.uk (replace _AT_ with @) – in case of bounces, fallback address ronaldturnbull627 AT btinternet.com (again, replace _AT_ with @ before sending).

The subscription for Oct 2019 to Sept 2020 is £85, with a pro rata reduction if you join in the course of the year. There is no need to send money at this stage; applications are dealt with quite quickly, and we will let you know when to pay your subscription.

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