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Ian Wyatt


West Midlands

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Outdoor writer.

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UK, Europe, Norway, USA

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Ian has been an active climber for over forty years, though keen to point out he was quite young when he started. Writer and part time contract worker he enjoys all aspects of the climbing game: bouldering, sport, trad’, winter mountaineering, ice and Alpine climbing as well as walking, and scrambling. A regular contributor to Climber and Climb magazines on a range of topics; he has written destination articles, reviews and pieces about the physical and emotional experiences of climbing. In addition, he has produced commissioned pieces for websites and assisted in the production of two rock-climbing guides.

Professional Activities

Outdoors writer.

Recent Publications

2019 ‘Tips for Climbing the Great Towers of Aragon’

2019 ‘Thomas the Engine’, Alpinist 65 Spring 2019, 46-48. (A mountaineering short story)

2018 ‘The Climber’s Voice: Hands’, Climber September/October 2018, 16-17.

2018 ‘Guideboooks: Instant Inspiration’, Climber March/April 2018, 28-29.

2017 ‘Desert Notes’, Climb 136 January/February 2017, 28-33.

2016 ‘The Joy of Fontainebleau’ <>

2016 ‘Climbing: Sense and Sensuality’, Climber April 2016, 44-49.

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