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John is internationally known as a photographer of mountains and wild places. From a background in advertising, corporate, editorial and fashion photography, for the past 30 years he’s been able to combine his profession with a lifelong passion for mountaineering and wilderness travel. As cameraman and sequence director his film and TV credits include Clint Eastwood’s ‘Eiger Sanction’, BBC’s ‘Last Blue Mountain’, ‘Old Man of Hoy’ and ‘Matterhorn Centenery’ productions among many others. Notable among his more than 30 expeditions to the world’s major mountain ranges are the 1971 International Everest Expedition, the Anglo-Polish Himalchuli attempt of 1978 (leader), the highly successful 1982 American Muztagh Ata Ski Expedition (leader) and the 1994 Gangotri Ski Expedition (leader). He is an ex vice-president of the Alpine Club, an ex president of the Alpine Ski Club and lately a member of both the BAPLA and OWG Executives.

Professional Activities

MOUNTAIN CAMERA Picture Library is the fruit of over 40 years of climbing, ski-mountaineering, trekking and travelling on every continent. Currently well over 130,000 images are on file and are now usually supplied digitally to our many clients worldwide. (see website) * Professional Photographer; * Author and Feature Writer; * Consultant on Mountaineering, ; Adventure Travel + Geographical ; topics. * John has lectured widely in Britain,; North America and the Antipodes.

Recent Publications

The Tao (Watkins 2005) ; A Portrait of Bath (Halsgrove 2004); Moods of Pembrokeshire (Halsgrove 2004); Tao Te Ching (Watkins 2002); On Top of the World (HarperCollins 2000); Britain Then & Now (Wiedenfeld 1999); Distant Mountains (DBP/Discovery Channel 1999); Mountains of the World (Grange/USA ’97); On Foot in the Yorkshire Dales (D&C ’96)


2002 OWG Golden Eagle Award for Services to the Outdoors; 1971 Trento Film Festival 35mm. prize for ‘The Climbers’

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John Cleare


Hill Cottage; Fonthill Gifford


near Salisbury







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Mountain photographer

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Mountains, Mountaineering, Ski-Mountaineering, Deserts, Sea Coasts, Landscape + Landscape History, Geography and the British Countryside

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