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Peter Lumley


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Tyne and Wear


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Development of business-to-business systems; marketing and manufacture evolvement and current affairs within bicycles/outdoor equipment supply sector.

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In the beginning… As a member of the original “Magnificent Seven” who launched the Guild on an un-suspecting world, it’s very humbling to see the idea was not only durable but has generated so much incentive. We were a diverse bunch, all very lucky in sharing the common bond of wanting to do more than just fill column inches with words and pictures. I am still as passionate about the job as when OWG began. I like being a professional communicator in the field of printed media, where the interface of outdoors from the business perspective is the harvest of that opportunity. The ongoing assignment is to describe the means to a better lifestyle for readers – caravanning through to backpacking or taking a journey just to admire the view, that is the link. Manufacturing projects, the factory site or a company profile are all in the structure of the messages I create from the main topic: enjoying the outdoors, in business and as a pastime. My work, which is almost entirely published by KSA, is distributed in print and also as electronic media direct to the reader’s desk or by their own collection from the internet at I am always ready and happy to discuss an assignment that stems from my involvement in work or pleasure. There is a big file of information and awareness of the markets I have covered for over 25 years, and I also know where to go in search of the answer to a new question.

Professional Activities

Editor: Bicycle Trade and Industry; Outdoor Trade and Industry; Scooter Trade and Industry.


Medella de Bronce de la Order del Merito Turistico, Spain.

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