The Members’ Forum is on the move again!

We are nearly there (barring unexpected problems) with a shiny new forum which hopefully will be a lot easier to use for all our members.

Info below relates to the old forum, but once it reopens, the OWPG Forum remains the place to share queries, insights, or just general chat about the world of professional outdoor writing and photography.

Help requested: questions on all aspects of writing, photography and professional practice usually get quick and helpful replies from our members. This board is monitored by Guild officers, who will also if necessary direct queries to where they will best be answered.

General banter: for observations, insights, and chit-chat; also for new members to introduce themselves, and ‘for sale’ or ‘wanted’ items.

Gripes and grins: issues with publishers, suppliers etc – this board is not visible to our associate (corporate) members, as they might be the ones being discussed on it.


ground rules

The forum is confidential to members: please don’t share its contents outside the Guild. (At the same time, be aware that indiscretions on the Forum may well spread into the outside world.)

The forum is moderated reactively: if you consider some forum content to be inappropriate, please notify



It’s possible to set up email notifications when new topics arise on the Forum, and we strongly advise members to do this. Notifications are of two kinds:

Topic replies: if you start or reply within a forum topic, you will receive an email notifying you of later replies within the same topic.

New topic notifications: within any of the three boards, if you have chosen ‘notifications on’, you will get an automatic email when a new topic is posted (you will not be notified of individual replies, just of new topics). Typically a couple of new topics arise in the average month.

Every notification email includes an ‘unsubscribe’ link for if you’re fed up with them.

You can activate notifications within the forum from the topic listing page for each of the three boards; or using the links below

Help Requested

General banter

Gripes and Grins


Logging in

You can log in using the link at the top of this page (or in the bottom right hand corner menu). Your username will usually be of the form fredawainwright – but if you are a very longstanding member it might be different. Your personal password will be the same as for updating your profile on this site, unless you’ve manually altered it. If ‘lost password’ doesn’t work to let you onto the forum, please apply to

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