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The Awards for Excellence 2018 have been launched by the Outdoor Writers and Photographers’ Guild (OWPG).

These awards recognise the very best of writing and photography from OWPG members in a range of categories:

Outdoor book
Outdoor/travel feature
Technical feature

If you are interested in joining the OWPG prior to applying for an award then click on the link below to see how to apply. Membership is open to professionals involved in the outdoors, whether it is writing, filming, blogging, publishing, walking, hiking, rock climbing and everything in between.

Looking to join

Previous winner Chris Townsend said:
“Winning an Award for Excellence from the OWPG means a great deal to me. Having experienced and knowledgeable judges feel my work is worthy of the award is very satisfying. It gives me confidence that my writing is worthwhile and encourages me to try and do even better.”

The closing date for Award submissions is 31st May 2018.

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