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Winter 2018

In this special issue of Outdoor Focus, Kev Reynolds finally gets to meet the brothers Ravier after twenty five years’ correspondence, we meet new members of OWPG, and say farewell to Dr Rennie McOwan. The big story of the issue however is the 2018 AGM weekend, held in Exmoor. Read all about the weekend and more, either in a web browser here (this option needs Flash to be installed) or as a PDF by clicking here.

Autumn 2018

In this autumnal issue of Outdoor Focus, Jon Sparks is your guide through the challenging issue of rights of way, Tony Howard takes you along the Jordan Trail, Ronald Turnbull helps you get your head around the histogram, OWPG says a fond goodbye to Kate Spencer, and, in a new series, OF introduces the companies and organisations that share OWPG’s aims and values – in this issue: Aquapac. If you want to read Outdoor Focus in a web browser click here (this option needs Flash to be installed). Alternatively, you can download a PDF version of Outdoor Focus by clicking here.


Summer 2018

In this issue of Outdoor Focus, are articles on a wide variety of outdoor topics: explore the intricacies of current copyright law and how it affects photographers, read what Michael Gove has to say about his role as Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and discover the importance of a Mr Fixit when in the Himalaya. To read Outdoor Focus in a web browser click here (requires Flash). You can also download a PDF version of Outdoor Focus – to read offline on PCs, tablets or smartphones – by clicking here.


Spring 2018

In this issue of Outdoor Focus, with a suitably spring-themed cover by Susie White, are articles that will hopefully plant seeds for possible projects during the spring months. Find out whether climbing one or all of the ‘Nuttalls’ is your thing, shooting a professional video, or even taking a pleasant stroll along the Kennet and Avon canal. To read Outdoor Focus in a web browser click here (requires Flash). You can also download a PDF version of Outdoor Focus – to read offline on PCs, tablets or

smartphones – by clicking here.

Winter 2017

In this issue of Outdoor Focus you’ll find a heartfelt tribute to Octavia Hill by Kev Reynolds, the pressures and pleasures of shooting a tough hill race in the Lake District by Jon Sparks, Roly Smith’s Book Reviews, and coverage of this year’s OWPG AGM weekend at Newlands including details of the winners of the coveted OWPG Awards for excellence. To read OF in a web browser click here (requires Flash). You can also download a PDF version of OF – to read offline on PCs, tablets or smartphones – by clicking here.

Autumn 2017

In this issue of Outdoor Focus, you’ll find tributes to Walt Unsworth and Nick Channer, two OWPG members who’ve sadly passed away. You can also read about the The Man from Alaska and his friendship with Kev Reynolds; Andrew White talks about Walks around Britain; and Ronald Turnbull celebrates the Lake District and its World Heritage status. To read OF in a web browser click here (requires Flash). You can also download a PDF version of OF – to read offline on PCs, tablets or smartphones – by clicking here.


Summer 2017

In this issue of Outdoor Focus, Kev Reynolds describes a teacher who inspired his love of nature; Laurence Main discusses the ‘Mother of the Isles’ and the role she plays in his life; and, in the Gallery, three people who inspired three OWPG photographers to pause and make a photo. To read OF in a web browser click here (requires Flash). You can also download a PDF version of OF – to read offline on PCs, tablets or smartphones – by clicking here.



Winter/Spring 2017

Do you ever stop to think about what outdoor equipment you really wouldn’t leave home without? Three OWPG members recently did and you can find out what they chose in the spring/winter edition of Outdoor Focus.
To read OF on Yudu click here. You can also download a PDF version of OF – to read offline on PCs, tablets or smartphones – by clicking here.



of2016-11-fcAutumn 2016

Gary Richardson about why DSLRs have “run aground on a Mirrorless tide”
A photo-montage and highlights of the AGM at the Isle of Wight
Ronald Turnbull gets map happy

Tablet, smartphone? Download PDF file here



of2016-10as2016 Isle of Wight Awards Special

Isle of Wight special edition
Awards roundup – winners
Chris Townsend (2 awards), Max Landsberg and Jacquetta Megarry, Judy Armstrong, Chris Howes, Terry Abraham and Stephen Neale

Tablet, smartphone? Download PDF file here



OF2016-08 Summer 2016

50 years on the Pennine Way with Andrew McCloy
Our first-ever Golden Eagle winner, Ken Wilson (1941-2016)
A new trail in the Middle East (Tony Howard)
Build an ebook in a day

Tablet, smartphone? Download PDF file here



 OF2016-05Spring 2016

Stephen Neale vs Tony Bowerman on self-publishing
Chris Townsend on rewilding UK

Tablet, smartphone? Download pdf here



 OF0216-02Winter 2015-16

Andrew McCloy on National Parks without perks
Terry Marsh in Shetland
Chris Howes and an underground spider
Cashback via the VAT ‘Flat Rate’ scheme.
Tablet, smartphone? Download OF2016-02.pdf


OF Autumn 2015 coverAutumn 2015

Kielder AGM weekend
tributes to Hamish Brown, Bill Mitchell
owpg award winners Chris Howes, Peter and Leni Gillman, Ronald Turnbull
plus Terry Marsh: rights-of-way
Gary Richardson: Abisco National Park
Tablet, smartphone? Download OF2015-11.pdf


OF2015-08Summer 2015

Chris Howes on image theft – with a detailed advice note in our members’ area here
Pictures in the dark and a Zodiac spread over all England
Continuing series on film and video from Andrew White and on public speaking by Kev Reynolds
Manchester training day reviewed
Tablet, smartphone? Download pdf file


OF2015-06Spring 2015

Roly Smith: Kinder Trespass rekindled
In the Movies: Andrew White starts off a series of 8 instructional articles
Kev Reynolds speaks his mind on public speaking
OWPG Keilder weekend, and Manchester training day, previewed

Tablet, smartphone? Download pdf file


OF Winter 2015 thumbnailWinter 2014-15

Tracy Burton and Harri Roberts’ adventures in ebook publishing
How to kickstart your project with the aid of crowdfunding – and a donkey
Andrew Jenkinson’s urgings to put guidebooks on a rock-solid foundation of geology
Laurence Main’s leys-y days
Two members achieving much with movie cameras.


OF Autumn 2014 thumbnailAutumn 2014

The AGM weekend at Plas y Brenin, awards, Kev Reynolds (Hon. Life Member)
Jon Sparks on his bike in the Brecons
Photos from Chris Howes and David Taylor
‘Birds of the Afterworld’ from our Fiction Forum


OF2014-10as2014 Plas y Brenin Awards Special

Fun and games at Plas y Brenin, awards roundup
Carey Davies ‘Rambling in Palestine’ (best outdoor/travel feature)
Chris Townsend ‘Tarps and Shelters’ (best technical feature)
Winning images David Taylor (Glen Coe) and Terry Abraham (Scafell feature film)


OF2014-082014 Summer

Marion Shoard on polytunnels, “worse than fracking”
David Stewart explores the far Faroes
members’ photo gallery as commissioned by Viewranger
Roly Smith goes Google in the Peak; self-assessment and tax


OF2014-052014 Spring

Roly Smith incites to trespass and Terry Marsh goes geocaching
Outdoor fiction; and Max Landsberg on the Tao of the Outdoors
Alan Mattingly celebrates Canigou in the Pyrenees
Andrew White celebrates his self-devised South Yorkshire Way


OF2014-022013/14 Winter

Andrew White goes digital: social media, sound recording and video
Guidebooking the Welsh Coast Path: Paddy Dillon vs Tony Bowerman
Outdoors Underground: Chris Howes and camera go caving
Ben Hoffer: Sinai Desert in the snow
Penny Turner on horseback and Terry Marsh on the sands of Morecambe Bay


OF2013-112013 Autumn

Everest: John Cleare reviews 60 years of pictures
Eiger: Jon Sparks’ perpendicular press trip
Tanya Oliver goes solo
Church Stretton AGM weekend
PORTFOLIO: Dierdre Huston


OF2013-10ss2013 Shropshire AGM Special

workshops and outdoor activities, castles and our annual awards dinner
along with a bit of AE Housman


OF2013-092013 Summer

John Cleare remembers Everest

self-publishing via Viewranger

PORTFOLIO: Stewart Smith

Outdoor Professional in the Digital Age: our professional development day assessed

Mark Richards’ Fellrangers: Richard’s Bicycle Book


OF Spring 13 cover 100px2013 Spring

Cumbria Way – Paddy Dillon
Countryside issues – Rob Yorke
Paramo in the Paramo, the right to die in the mountains, Monkhouse in the Peak


OF cover Winter 20132013 Winter

Iceland – Paddy Dillon
Church of the Open Sky, and www.walkingworld.com
making friends with Social Media
PORTFOLIO: Carl Rogers


2012 Oct Awards Special

photography: Rudolf Abraham ‘Lofoten Islands’
outdoor feature: Vivienne Crow ‘First on the Scene’
words & pictures: Jon Sparks ‘Leapers & Creepers’
travel feature: Rudolf Abraham ‘Once were Pirates – in search of the Uskoks of Senj’
outdoor book: Ronald Turnbull ‘Sandstone and Sea Stacks’
guidebook: John Gillham ‘Best Day Walks in Snowdonia’


2012 Autumn

Apps, iPhones and downloads
fun and games at Jersey AGM
pitching to magazines



2012 Summer

Combat image piracy
Getting published (books)
PORTFOLIO: Rudolf Abraham
Shooting movies on DSLR cameras in South Georgia


 2012 Spring

Money for nothing (DACS, ALCS, PLR distributions)
Kinder Trespass (Roly Smith)
Jersey AGM preview
PORTFOLIO: Sarah Howard
Always a Little Further Alastair Borthwick


2011 Oct Awards Special

photography: David Taylor ‘Northumberland in Mono’
outdoor feature: Jon Sparks ‘On the Beaten Track’
words & pictures: Ian Battersby ‘Winter Comes to Yorkshire’
travel feature: Judy Armstrong ‘Slow Boat down the Gorges du Tarn’
outdoor book: Adrian Hendroff ‘From High Places: a journey through Ireland’s greatest mountains’
guidebook: Kev Reynolds ‘Trekking in the Alps’


 2011 Autumn AGM Special

Fun and games at Plas y Brenin






Spring 2011: 2010 Awards Special

Outdoor Artists, Mr Peak District
photography: Andy Latham
outdoor feature: Vivienne Crow, ‘A Suitable Case for TLC’ (Skiddaw House)
words & pictures: Ed Ewing ‘Brazil’s Best Carnival’
travel feature: Judy Armstrong ‘The Journey Home’ (horseback Pyrenees)
outdoor book: Ronald Turnbull ‘Granite and Grit: a walkers guide to Britain’s mountain geology’
guidebook: Vivienne Crow ‘The Lake District’


2010 Winter

Conservation in Greece: horseriding in Utah
PORTFOLIO Chris Townsend
AGM fun and games Lancaster




2010 Autumn

Lancaster AGM previewed
PORTFOLIO Simon Watterson
PORTFOLIO Dennis Kelsall



2010 Spring/Summer

Digital Economy Bill

NW Coast Trail in Winter

PORTFOLIO Robin Weaver

Mountain excitement with H Brown, J Nuttall


2009/10 Winter

Theft of the Countryside – Marion Shoard

PORTFOLIO: Fran Halsall

Arctic Trail tale: Highs of Paragliding

PORTFOLIO: Chris Howes











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