Outdoor Focus | Spring 2024

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In this issue of Outdoor Focus we say hello to the journal’s new editor, Alex Roddie; Stan Abbott gives a rallying cry; Norman Hadley decides that the right path is to climb the wrong mountain; Ronald Turnbull takes a look at Substack, and also asks what makes a great photographer, sharing his thoughts on the award-winning photography of James Rushforth; Kevin Sene looks ahead to the Big Weekend 2024; Roly Smith reviews the latest books; and Andy Hamilton forages for his dinner.

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Alex Roddie

Alex Roddie

Editor of Sidetracked magazine. I’m a writer, editor and photographer specialising in adventure travel, the outdoor industry, and genre fiction. I was online editor of The Great Outdoors (TGO) from 2017-9, and have been a regular contributing writer, editor, and gear reviewer since 2014.