No More Endlings: Saving Species

Craig Turner (contributor)

OWPG member Craig Turner has contributed a couple of chapters to a new conservation book ‘No More Endlings: Saving Species One Story at a Time’ which blends story-telling, science, and imagery into a collection of 45 adventurous, endearing, scientific and sometimes disheartening tales that arise from working in the field to protect endangered species. His contribution to the book shares his personal account of working to protect the Red Slender Loris in Sri Lanka and searching for the Pygmy Three-toed Sloth in the Philippines.

Craig hopes to inspire readers of all ages with his (and those of the other authors) intimate accounts of the fascinating species about which he cares so deeply. Readers will gain a fresh look at the lives of some well-loved species, as well as those lesser-known, see great imagery of lesser known species and habitats, and discover a unique glimpse into the lives of the threatened creatures with which we share this planet and those working to protect them.

He also mentions that “50% of all royalties are going to conservation causes and it is a great read!”

Further details can be found at: A pdf copy can be made available to reviewers.

Pages: N/A
Publisher: Motivational Press Inc
Dimensions: N/A
Published: 31/8/2015
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 978-1628651980
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