Where We Stand


As a professional organisation whose members create words and images for a living, we take copyright very seriously. Words and images are how our members keep their roofs and walls above their heads/around their families, and put food in their stomachs.

“Opportunities” to Supply Images for Free

The industry has an issue with the quantity of images and words being offered for free.

But consider it this way – would you expect to walk into your local supermarket and expect them to give you your weekly shopping in return for a mention about how wonderful they are on Facebook? Or your plumber to fix that leak that’s threatening to turn your house into a swimming pool for free (at 7pm on a weekend) if you linked to them on your website? Or your landlord to say you don’t need to pay the rent if you post some nice tweets about them?

They don’t accept that, quite simply as it’s not a commercially viable way of earning a living. So we understandably take a strong stance against those who wish to acquire images and/or words for free – our members need to eat and keep a roof over their heads just as much as any other professional.

Images on this site are © the individual photographer. This is often Chiz Dakin (unless it’s a News, Outdoor Focus or Media News Bulletin front cover image) or David Taylor or Chris Howes (particularly for Awards images) unless otherwise credited.

Images may not be reused (including reuse on the internet, blogs, etc) without a licence from the photographer unless they are images supplied as part of a press release when they may be used to illustrate an article based strongly on the press release.

Text on this site is © OWPG 2012 to today.